Native Flowers of Portugal

Portugal is a country that is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe. It was established in the year 1152 by Alfonso Henriques, and in the 15th and 16th centuries, it was a single of the critical political powers of the globe. The country is pretty tiny but has a wide variety of landscapes. Due to the broad range of landscapes and climatic conditions, flowers develop in Portugal all year round. Some of the native flowers of Portugal are talked about it.LavenderThis is the national flower of Portugal. It is native to Portugal as properly as Spain and the dry mountainous locations of the Mediterranean. There are 25-thirty species of this flower. It is significantly a beneficial flower utilized in perfumes, candles, soaps, cosmetics, and balms. Hence, it is grown commercially for the extraction of essential oils. It is also grown as an ornamental plant in temperate climates. As the name suggests, the flower is lavender in color. It comes in diverse shades of this color. The shadow of the flower varies with the species.
AsteriscusAsteriscus, also recognized as sea aster or sea daisy, is another flower native to Portugal. The flower seems like a daisy and is golden yellow with a darker yellow center disc. It blooms from May to August. It can be grown in containers, rock gardens, and flower gardens.DaffodilDaffodil, which is now very well-known worldwide, originated in Portugal, Spain, and other surrounding regions. The Romans brought this flower to England. This flower is offered in white and yellow colors. The petals of the flower surround a trumpet-like corona, which frequently has a contrasting color. It is pretty straightforward to expand and multiplies swiftly. Portugal LaurelPortugal laurel is a shrub, which generates tiny, scented white flowers. These flowers have both male and female characteristics. It is planted in gardens as a hedging plant but is very showy when the flowers appear.
Portuguese SquillIt is a species of Scilla and produces numerous flowers that come in different colors like white, light blue, dark blue, and violet. Due to its elegance, it is grown as an ornamental plant. It generates misconceptions about its origin. Indeed, it brought from Spain aboard a ship recognized as ‘The Peru,’ which acquired its identity. It is native to western Mediterranean regions, which includes Portugal. In addition to these, thyme and clematis are also native flowers of Portugal. Additionally, flowers like water lilies, calla lilies, magnolias, morning glory, and birds of paradise also grow in the country due to the favorable climate.

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